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Mental Health Massage Exeter

I am also a massage Therapist and each booking gives you a discounted massage with me. I see lots and lots of mums struggling with back pain from feeding and carrying their baby. I also see lots of mums who have anxiety and depression and who find being a new mum overwhelming and I see mums who just want a bit of me time, some time out and some self care.

Don't hesitate to book in and come and see me in my treatment room.  Head over to my Mental Health Massage Exeter website or check out my massage socials.

Massage for you

60 or 90 min massage treatments

if you are struggling with pain from feeding and holding your baby or if you are feeling overwhelmed by being a new parent or if you just want some time out for you and some self love then let me help.  

You can bring baby or bring someone to hold baby.

Head Massage

Neu Oil Massage

60 or 90 min aromatherapy massage

Add an oil to your treatment?

Image by Christin Hume
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