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Free places for families who are experiencing financial hardship

Every new term I give away a free place to a family who would love to come to a class but just can't afford to come right now. If this is the case for you - it's no questions asked. Just message me about a free space and I'll let you know if there is a free space for that term.

Safe Space

My aim is to provide a safe space for you and your baby, I am conscious that I need to continue to educate myself and if I get something wrong don't hesitate to let me know. I hold this space for you as a parent.  Your experience and voice is valid and every parent makes different choices and there is no judgement. I am here to make this space as supportive as I can for you no matter how your family is made up, where you are from, who you choose to love or identify as.

You are welcome 🤎

Come as you are Policy


Honestly nothing would make me happier than if you felt able to rock up to a session in your pj's, having had the worst nights sleep and just needing a cup of tea made for you. Believe me I have had many parents arrive in tears. It is o.k, being a new parent is hard, its mega challenging in ways you never expect. You do not need to 'perform' your baby doesn't need to 'behave' - all babies cry, it's ok. Turn up I'll make you a cuppa and honestly the community will be there for you, to support, reassure, and connect.

Please feel free to message me if you're anxious about coming - I get it. I may not have experienced the same but I can listen and validate your feelings. You are Enough. You are all your baby needs. You are stronger than you imagine and you are not alone.


Additonal Needs

I have completed training in massage for adults and babies with additional needs. If you or your baby have additional needs and you are anxious about anything at all about coming to a class please message me - I will give you a call and we can talk it through. I am here to support you. Nurturing touch is beneficial for every baby and every adult. Nurturing touch does not discriminate. We can do this together 🤎

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